Fighting Malaria:

Fighting Malaria is a research project where new AI/ML and Computer Vision algorithms are developed for automated Plasmodium (Malaria) parasite detection in digital images of blood smears.

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Plasmodium detection algorithms in digital images of thick blood smears have been implemented in an offline and resource efficient Android OS application.

The mobile application is intended to be used in locations where modern infrastructure is unavailable. A mobile phone adapter is needed to attach the mobile phone onto the optical microscope.

An image of giemsa stained thick blood smear is taken using the phone camera and the mobile application automatically detects, classifies and counts the number of Plasmodium parasites and white blood cells in the image. The detection operation takes 10s to 30s depending on phone hardware.

Intelligent Fluorescence Microscope:

The aim of this project is to provide an intelligent, easy to use and affordable fluorescence microscopy tool to automate and improve accuracy of Plasmodium diagnosis to alleviate the lack of trained personnel.

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